A selection of plants, known for their toughness and ability to handle our Australian climate.


This cultivar of Casuarina is a marvellously versatile ground cover with surprising strength. Highly adaptable, it works well suppressing weeds and controlling soil erosion – a great addition to any landscape project.


Chrysocephalum,is a genus of flowering plants in the family Asteraceae endemic to Australia.They are also commonly known as everlastings for their long life as cut flowers.


Goodenia is a genus of about two hundred species of flowering plants in the family Goodeniaceae. The plants in this genus are herbs or shrubs, and are mostly endemic to Australia.


A collection of tried and tested Scaevola bred by Australian owned PPPA. Scaevola have been popularised all around the world due to their quick flowering ability, unusual fan form and versatility as a ground cover or containerised plant.


Succulents in the genus Senecio have daisy-like flowers on long stems. The leaves are generally thick and fleshy and they can be deep green, bluish, or even striped. The leaf shape can vary considerably including round, banana-shaped, and even pointed and trident shaped, like our Trident Blue variety.